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Strengthen and Build Workshop

Saturday 15th Oct 2022, 11am - 1pm £22

Studio G25, St Margarets House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

The role of Pilates in a strength training programme 

As we age, we lose strength and muscle mass, along with bone density. Each decade after the age of 30 we can lose up to 8% of strength, and bone loss begins from age 35-40. Simultaneously, our fat burning mechanisms are less efficient. 

Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to exercise in a way that will not only maintain bone, muscle and strength, but also help to build them; such as a programme that includes properly performed strength and resistance training, alongside movements that build bone density. 

You can’t lift weights without stability, mobility and “core” strength. Proprioception, the ability to sense where your limbs are in space and in relation to each other, is also key, and finally you need correct alignment and technique. These are all fundamental principles of Pilates, and are essential when adding weight to a movement in order to work effectively and avoid injury. 

If you are new to resistance training, and adding weight, you need to build up to it slowly, and this 2-hour workshop will be an introduction as to how to do this safely.  

We will begin with joint mobility and tissue prep work, which are essential to warm up, and then look at alignment and technique. 

We will then explore adding load to exercises with resistance bands and light weights, and learn exercise techniques that help to build bone. We will finish with a stretching sequence, essential after resistance work to ease muscle aches and keep tissues healthy. 

This workshop is suitable for all levels of Pilates experience, and whether you are already familiar with, or new to working with weights. Note we will NOT be lifting heavy weights! 

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